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Tuesday, July 23, 2013



Huge pot of Purslane on the back porch!

The more I learn, the more I wanna learn!!  One thing I'm learning a lot about is this incredible, edible, beautiful plant!!  I've grown it for years, but never knew it was edible ... and good for you! Right now, I have an abundance of it!  Gonna harvest some this week! Wikipedia says it contains more Omega-3 Fatty Acids than any other leafy vegetable plant, as well as a whole lot of other good things!  Could it be added to the 'super food' list?   

Many think Purslane and Portulaca are the same.While they are related, they aren't the same.  I haven't researched Portulaca yet so I'm only referring to Purslane in this post.


While I was out taking a few pics for this post I picked several leaves and munched.  Not bad. Similar taste as lettuce.  While perusing the internet I found out that this stuff is packaged and sold in the organic salad section of the grocer!!

Many consider it a weed!  I've always loved it as a ground cover and cascading over flower pots!  What do you think?  Weed it or Eat it?   And, here's another great article by Mother Earth News!

I'm reading that it's a great substitute for spinach and terrific tossed into salads.  Highly nutritious!!  How about some recipes using Purslane?  Here's a recipe from the New York Times using cherries and feta in a purslane salad!  

Here's a video for all you foragers at heart ... Eat the Weeds!!  The flowers, the leaves, the seeds, the stems ... all edible (except for the root).  There are also medicinal qualities!!   Be careful if you aren't positive it's Purslane.  Especially if it's growing in your lawn and you didn't plant it.  It may be Spurge.  Here's a link to another video showing the difference ... Purslane or Spurge?   The sap from Purslane is clear, while that of Spurge is milky.  Spurge is poisonous, so pay attention if you find it in the wild!

Visit the New Life on a Homestead blog page and you'll get some great info on Purslane, including medicinal uses.  I'm gonna toss a few leaves into a salad this evening.  Then I'm gonna harvest a good bit to put on the dehydrator and make into a powder for smoothies and thickener (think 'cornstarch').  The New Life on a Homestead shows how to here!

If you're interested in foraging or simply finding out what is edible and what isn't, this is a great book on the subject!  

Back porch planter full of Purslane!

More Purslane Recipes:

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