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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

02-14-11  Sooooooo ... I got lectured yesterday by my orthopedic doctor.  I had a follow-up visit (which was actually six months overdue, but I told him if it made him feel any better, my dogs' appointments were four months overdue!  He wasn't amused!).   Anywho ... this visit was to follow-up with my back/neck issues and my latest problem with my shoulder.

After getting x-rays and a diagnosis of bursitis and a bit of a rotator cuff issue, followed by a cortisone injection (which hasn't proved to be 100% yet), he went into a spiel about .... well, it went like this ...
"Back in the days of Jesus, people only lived to be around 36 years old.  Thru the marvels of medicine, food, sanitation, etc., we live a lot longer, but our joints and ligaments are still the same.  They continue to age at an alarming rate, moreso if added weight is part of the equation.  I'm not telling you that you need to lose weight, I'm just saying the extra weight will cause you to age faster structurally.  You need to be more active and do at least 100 exercises everyday."

Are you serious?  100 exercises everyday.  Whatever!  Who has time for that?  I told him I enjoyed walking when the pain was under control.  He responded,  "Walking  isn't considered exercise after two weeks into it".   Huh?   Well, anyway, you get the gest of how that visit went.

So ... I'm setting off on a journey he said would be "incredibly hard" to accomplish at my age.  I love a challenge.  Where there's a will, there's a way, I always say. 

I'm giving myself 48 hours to get into the right mindset (that should clear the hurdle of Valentine's Day and Date Night).  Making a plan. Cleaning out the fridge and pantry.  Dusting off the treadmill.  Gathering my exercise and yoga DVDs.  Gotta psyche myself up for this new journey.  It's gonna be fruits, veggies and protein for awhile.  Can I just keep my Coke and chocolate addiction?  PLEASE!  I know.  I know.

Can I accomplish my goals with this food group?


  1. I will so do this with you...we can go mad together.

  2. OMG! The frustrating part is how many starts and stops I've made in the past. Distractions always throw me off track. Must stay focused!