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Monday, March 15, 2010

Hi! My Name is Terri. I play Farmville!

Yep, I do! I blocked the application for a year before that day I looked over my daughter's shoulder and watched her playing. I'm hooked. I started playing on New Year's Day and two and a half months later I'm at Level 45. Not too shabby! I average a couple of hours a day, off and on while caring for my granbaby girl and doing artwork and housework, etc. It's a blast! I have met so many people and caught up with old friends playing too. And yes, I joined the group "I don't care if you don't care about my chickens and cows and bonuses" along with hundreds of others! It's a challenge, but for the most part it's an escape from stress. I confess I get excited when my neighbors all pitch in to help with a barn raising or the race is on to collect the most gold pieces for St. Patty's Day! I don't set my clock to harvest .... well, there was that one time! Gimme a break! I was new at the game! I'm a much smarter farmer now!

Yes, Dr. Phil, I confess! I play Farmville. It's rumored so does Rachel Ray, Lady GaGa, Avril Levene and many, many others! It could be worse! I could be playing Yoville, Petville, Hospital World, dialing up a psychic, sending you smiles and hugs and flowers everyday. The beauty of it is if you aren't interested then block the application from view and shut your pie hole from all the complaining about Farmville! LOL!!! Chickens and fruit trees and ..... gift cards! Oh my!

Footnote: No longer a farmer.....broke the addiction July 2007. Farmville is like crack! Sold it more plowing, harvesting, collections, and all that mooing and chicken coops! Gone!

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