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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's only a Season.....Not a Slump.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd ever have artist's block. It's here. It's nesting. It's caused such a void between me and my studio. I force myself to paint things I'm not interested in painting when I find the time to paint. Not entirely true....the time thing. I've always said 'where there's a will, there's a way' but finding my will is the current issue. It's not burn out. There just isn't the spark. I do enough painting to keep the businesses and galleries furnished with my work and to keep my followers interest perked. There are a few large pieces I want to re-visit too. It's only a season. I keep telling's only a season.

A lot has happened the last year or so. Troublesome things. If you have followed this blog you know already those distractions and hindrances. The only redeeming factor of it all has been my new granbaby girl. I keep her full-time. Sure that takes away from painting time, but if the desire was strong enough I'd paint at night or other available increments of time. Just gotta find my want to again cause it's time to prepare for upcoming art shows and if my heart isn't in it my work will show it. Perhaps I just went too hard and fast the last couple of years while also dealing with my mom's illness and my aunt's illness and now my husband's aunt's illness. There is hope. I do work better and harder under pressure. So I expect it to kick in any time now!

And, I must say to you skeptics out there who know I play Farmville......what else is there to do while holding a baby? Can't do laundry, vacuum, dishes or paint. So I farm! She loves the sounds of the animals too. Not justifying....just sayin. I keep up with my housework but too tired for late night painting. But, presently, my mantra is "Cleaning and painting can wait til tomorrow....cause babies grow up, much to our sorrow" and I'm enjoying every single second of it.

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