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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's everywhere. Where are my elves when I need them? I thought I was getting a head start the weekend after Thanksgiving. My husband retrieved all the boxes and the Christmas tree from the garage before going to the camp for the weekend. I put up the tree and all the decorations and cleaned it all up....that is, except for the little piles here and, wrapping, photo ornaments waiting for pictures, recipes, etc. Now it's the second week of the season and I'm still trying to finish the planters for the mantel and the dining room table centerpiece. I haven't started wrapping gifts ..... I do mean WRAPPING not bagging. I have probably 16 rolls of heavy duty wrapping paper so forget the bags this year! And I haven't started baking...made a list, sort of. There's a cookie swap next week at my daughter's house so I will at least have a variety of cookies to add to what I want to make. I'm 90% finished with the Christmas shopping and preparing for a Christmas celebration with my family members from out of town and local. Then to prepare for Christmas morning with my immediate family .... including Keller, my first granbaby girl! So excited! I had a chance to run by Al's 5&10 the other day and found some gorgeous large poinsettias for my front porch. They are still sitting on the porch in their bags three days later. Hoping to do some baking this evening cause I'll be keeping Keller this weekend while her parents are away doing Christmas things and I know there won't be time to bake then! But right now I've gotta get my Art in the Park application and CD in the mail. And, while Keller is napping, maybe I'll finish those mantel arrangements! Ho Ho Ho! Off I go!

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