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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One more for the road......

My last art show is coming up this weekend....Art in the Park in Foley. It will be my last hurrah for the spring. I don't have a line-up of fall shows ...yet. You'll be first, er, well second to know! It's been a very, very, very busy spring. The three day boat show, Five days (plus three set-up days) at a very rainy Festival of Flowers, two day show at Jazz Fest in Pensacola, a show on Dauphin Island, another one (two days) on the island and this weekend's show in Foley. Keeping up and trying to have a new piece to present at every show is exhausting, yet exhilarating!

I think it's good timing to take a break from shows so I can freshen up my work a bit and bring out some new stuff in the fall. I'm gonna do a couple of road trips beyond the state lines to Florida and Mississippi to snatch a few photos that may be potential pieces of art! I'll post a piece every now and then but I'll save a few things to lure you out with!

I'm gonna have time to rejoice in the arrival of Jen's baby - my new granddaughter. I'll have time to spend with my mom. She began another regimen of drugs this morning after seeing a specialist in Birmingham Monday (not certain at this time if it is classified as chemo). Please keep her in your prayers. Tony will turn 50 this June! I'm a year behind him. Hopefully Lindsay will get her car! If you're down on the Island, stop by! Pray the hurricane season is good to us all along the Gulf Coast. If I don't see ya at Art in the Park, I'll see ya somewhere!

Don't forget the other "stationary" venues I'll be at: Metro Glass, Cathedral Square Gallery, Warehouse Marketplace, Southern Art & Framing, Middle Bay Boat Sales, and .....coming back Dauphin Island gift shops!

It's been a blast of a spring! Thanks for the support and encouragement!

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