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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Already Thinking about Gardening!

While January is typically a kick-off for setting organizing and fitness goals, I'm giddy with excitement that gardening season is just around the corner!!!  After coming across this photo this morning, I immediately went to the garage and did a quick inventory of containers for a few fruit trees that are still in their ugly black plastic pots on the deck.  I see a Tuscan transformation coming soon to the back porch!

   Lots of container gardening tips at the White on Rice Couple site!
(where I found this lovely photo)

I began going through the abundance of seed catalogs last night while watching the game.  Roll Tide!!  There is very little on my wish list as I have an abundance of veggie seeds already.  We're shooting for growing 90% or more of our garden from seed during the upcoming season.  I will (hopefully) be getting the trays ready this weekend. 

Decisions!  Decisions!!!  

I did score something from my gardening wish list last fall!!!   An old weathered mailbox!!!  The picture below isn't it, but it is the pin-up pic I drooled over!!  Now, where to put it!!



  1. Oh to have your gardening and cooking skills! I dream of gardening, but in my dreams there are no weeds, no bugs and no watering schedules. It's all very lovely in my dreams, but seldom works in the real world. LOL

  2. It's rare that it comes together in the real world! There are weeds and bugs and missed watering resulting in wilted plants and stunted yield! I'm out there 24/7 ... in my dreams and imagination! But, alas!! The real world calls! And the cooking part is a hit and miss love! You know that!! You've been here!! We stayed to busy on the run to do much cooking!!

    1. Miss you! That was an awesome week :)