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Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Leftovers ...

(if you're lucky enough!)

Paninis - Butter slices of Sourdough Bread ... spread one piece of bread with cranberry sauce and the other thinly with dressing or sweet potatoes (or both) ... stack on the turkey and provolone.  Grill til crusty!!

Turkey Hash over scrambled eggs!  It's just brown gravy with all the small and medium turkey bits in it!!  Always a morning after meal served with hot biscuits!!!  If you have gravy leftover .... add it too!

Ham -  Breakfast omelettes or quiche or Beans or sandwiches for the Iron Bowl!!

Turkey/Waldorf Salad - just combine the two!  Great in a tortilla wrap!

Sweet Potatoes for breakfast!!  Spread onto a bagel or toast!!  Add a schmear of cream cheese for a little extra decadence!!

Deviled eggs .... Toss them into the food processor and make egg salad for sandwiches!

Green Bean Casserole is a great starter for a pot of soup!

Dinner Rolls - use for mini sandwiches (sliders) during the Iron Bowl!!  Or, toss in the freezer and save for a bread pudding!

Mashed Potatoes - topping for a modified Shepard's Pie - turkey and veggies!  Why not use dressing as the bottom layer .. then cranberry sauce ... then turkey ... and mashed potatoes .... heat til browned on top!

Chicken n' Dumplins - Are there really any EVER leftover?  Not here!  But if there were they would be a great start for a nice, thick chicken pot pie filler!

Cakes and pies are great beginnings for cake pops!!  I usually wait a few days and slice and individually wrap and freeze for later!  Just set out to thaw while preparing dinner!

If you have leftover veggie trays, consider soup!  Save those dips for the Iron Bowl on Saturday!

Don't forget to make up a couple of plates of leftovers and deliver to someone ... better yet, invite them to your home for Thanksgiving!!

Here's another link from my blog ... a 'what to do with party leftovers' post!  I'd love to hear your suggestions!!

Iron Bowl
Alabama vs. Auburn
Saturday, November 24th
2:30 pm CST

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  1. That's how we make shepherds pie out our way! I love it and look forward to it every year when all the kids come over the next day and share it with us along with the left over pie. YUM! For the life of me, I don't know why I don't make it during the year since I love it so much! LOL