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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catching up ....

I know!  I've been a slacking blogger lately!  Keeping up with a blog, a FB Page, a house, a garden, the kids, the grankids, the to-do list ... is time consuming.  Something always falls by the wayside.  My art has fallen even further behind.  Hoping to get into the studio soon and get started on some Christmas gifts.  It's been a busy summer canning, gardening and working on health issues.  An even busier season is sneaking upon us!  The holidays are coming!!!

Best Costume:  Harry 

Hoping to pull this off!!

Love a giant tree!

Caro is coming for an American Thanksgiving!!!  She paid a from France two years ago.  It had been over ten years since she was here as our exchange student.  Looking forward to having our Caro home again!

Jennifer and Caroline
Christmas 2010

More to come .....
Taking a commercial break to visit newest granbaby girl!!

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