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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Have a New Personal Challenge!
I'm gonna do it in increments because I've tried
the "all or none" approach in the past and failed. 
The White Powder has to go!
Uhm, No!  It's Sugar. 

Why?  Do you really have to ask?

1. It suppresses the immune system.
2.  It causes an inflammatory response.
3. It depletes energy.
4. It causes agitation.
5. It makes me restless.
6. My last glucose test was borderline.

For 146 more reasons, check out

But! White flour is another culprit
that causes the same issues.
This, indeed will be a challenge!
I am setting a goal!
Three days/no sugar or carbs
and one day (one meal only) allowance
(within reason, of course!).

I'm hoping if I don't do the cold-turkey thing
I won't have withdrawals as bad.
Gotta check those labels!!!

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