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Monday, March 28, 2011


I shared the festival booth with Jennifer Keller White,
Ardith Goodwin and Denise Inge, all local Mobile artists. 
 We had a great selection of watercolor, acrylic,
collage and photography, along with Jen's cool new frames! 

Sales weren't exactly thru the roof this year.  But laughter prevailed throughout the four days!   The weather-man caused a little anxiety and the booth next to us drove us a bit batty with the sounds of crickets and croaking frog toys.  The hospitality of the Festival staff was far an beyond any other art event I've participated in!  Thanks guys for looking after all the vendors!  We were refreshed often by water and colas and an occasional jaunt over to the TCBY stand though they ruffled the vendors' tail feathers by increasing their prices from $3 to $4 by mid-afternoon the first day of the festival.  Shame on you TCBY! 

Kudos to my dear husband a/k/a my Tentputterupperer! 
He ran a cable around the top of their tent to secure our walls
 and set up a fan and overhead lighting to keep the dampness
of the evening at bay to protect our works under glass!   
You, my dear, get the blue ribbon!!!

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