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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Joyful Reading!

This little read was a perfect start to my morning. Took me back to my "growing up" years and the words my mamma and gramma used to say. Those phrases stuck with me cause I used them with my own daughters and some nieces and nephews as well. Come to think of it .. even my daughters' friends! Reading this piece has rebirth a yearning to return to my own garden. I've missed digging and planting and growing the last few years since I've experienced back and neck pain and some nerve pain as well. So, I've had to hire others to do the grunt work for me as I direct them "dig a hole here and don't plant it too deep" while just hours before I was mulling over color combinations at the garden center.....and wondering the next day while driving around town where THAT bug came from!

Thank you Joy for sharing your daughter's writing with us on Facebook! You, my friend, truly live up to your name!!

Take some time to read this piece and peruse the site as well! Great way to start the day!

She Was Right About Some Things by Harper Woods

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