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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Takin' it as it comes these days...

What a roller coaster ride my life has been the last year. My mom's illness has been a priority for me. Followed closely by my daughter's pregnancy. Now the baby is due within four days....scheduled for delivery on Monday, July 13th. My birhtday is July 12th so I'm hoping she'll wiggle on out Sunday night! We need a bright spot in our lives right now. My mom is so desperately ill. She's in the hospital now...struggling to breathe...multiple problems related to illness since last August. She's so tired and frail.

When I'm not immobilized with worry, I'm trying to stay busy preparing for Baby Keller's arrival, and with my art business. A new gallery is in the works at Metro Glass. I'm re-vamping the front entry space all the way across the building! There will be several artists represented, including myself. We hope to have it ready by the first of August. Very excited!

I'm also working on a few new pieces for the August ArtWalk "From a Child's Eye" theme, as well as trying to keep up with all the locations carrying my artwork. Currently a work in progress is my attempt at a self-portrait I posted above! It's only about 50% done. I need to work on the complexion and don't particularly like the it's gonna get painted out and re-done. Probably need to add a touch more gray to the hair ... no feedback on that one necessary!

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