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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why do you buy art?

af-ford-a-ble; uh-faur-duh-buhl; believed to be within one's financial means; reasonably priced.

Reflecting back, the first rules I made for myself was to learn as much as I could about, not only the art circuit but the craft itself. There's a lot of competition out there people. I'm still a long way from being "great" and I know it. Also, I want to keep my work affordable. Know that affordable doesn't mean cheap. I am a realist. I already give to charities and silent auctions and fundraisers. Besides, I've got overhead and that I have a business. The American dream...right?!

I've been told already that my originals are priced to low and that people see art as an investment and if it's perceived as cheap they won't buy it. In the first place I don't purchase art as an investment to include in a portfolio. I purchase art because I love it and know there is a place for it in my home, because it makes me smile or because it reminds me of something or someone. I personally think most people do the same .... if they can afford it.

I don't want to price my collectors out of opportunity to own an original piece of art. I read in an older journal that I didn't want to "ego price" my art. I've often gone to galleries or art festivals and seen pieces I'd love to own but couldn't touch them because of the prices. I'm just a common person who loves to collect other people's art. I decided to offer quality art at an affordable amount. I suppose that is my way of giving back. Sure I'll have to make price adjustments now and then because of cost of supplies and other expenses, but I will do my best to keep my original work affordable. I must be doing something right cause my originals are selling at a steady pace and I'm still paying the bills!!

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