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Friday, January 30, 2009

Sixth Sense of Mine

Funny how things develop. I was just reading the blog of a fellow artist who explained perfectly the shift in perception I have experienced the last year. I drive around town or walk through the neighborhood and I focus on colors and imagine the names of the color in the pallette that God used to create that tree or sky or dog running ahead of me. Instead of yellows and reds I see ochre and cadmium red or alizarin crimson. I've become more observant of shadows and subtle color changes and the composition of nature. Parish wrote as follows,

"Remember the movie with the kid who had the line " I see dead people"? I took a walk on the beach one day after the class had ended and as I looked around at the sand and water and sky, that I'd seen thousands of times, something was different. I realized what all the rest of the painters in the world have already figured out. Its not sand, water or's color. And when I had this obvious epiphany the thought whispered in my mind, in the voice of that child of that movie " I see co...lor"."


  1. sometimes I see everything vivid, kinda like a van gogh world, and their are those other awful times like as of late, where everything is dull, gray, and meaningless.
    I love the first and I hate the latter. but, I've always been this way and suppose I always will be,